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The Andalusia Foundation has been used with the permission of Connie Houchins, Executive Director, to provide a link to local history in the area. There has never been a Distillery or Murder on the property.
All of our games have been written by RED HERRING GAMES and adapted to fit the needs of our audiences
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This show does not come with costumes, props, or prizes, although you are welcome to offer them to your guests on your own. Everyone who attends  is expected to participate. This show is NOT recommended for audiences. It is designed to be run as a cocktail party, therefore people are expected to be able to move around the venue freely as if they were at a party.
Murder at the Distillery
The Andalusia Foundation, situated on the banks of the Delaware River in Beautiful Bucks county, Pennsylvania is a small family run vineyard with considerable Neo-Classical charm and appeal.
The owners of the estate, Max and Demi Liter, regularly host wine tasting evenings which allow their guests to sample the latest bottlings and place orders ahead of the big conglomerates.

Unfortunately for the guests this evening, the vintage had more body than they  were expecting. Max Liter has been discovered dead in a vat of wine.

Who killed him and why?
There are guidelines for this game that explain how it works. You may download it HERE. We recommend reading the FAQ if you are considering this program!  This FAQ will become part of your performance contract.
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