Victorian Vanities, Inc.
Teaching for the Future through the Past
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Victorian Vanities, Inc.
2901 Wood Pipe Lane, Unit A
Philadelphia, PA 19129
Frequently Asked Questions
Why are you no longer performing?
Rochelle Christopher and John Thompson are retiring effective January 1st, 2023.
Will you make exceptions?
If you are an existing client we MAY make an exception for you. You need to call us at 215-844-1919 to book a time and date. Please note that our rates have risen to more accurately reflect the true cost of doing an in-person show.  We will not be taking on new clients.
What if I've already scheduled for 2023?
We will honor all shows scheduled for 2023.  We will not schedule new shows after December 31st, 2022.
What if I still need to contact you?
You are most welcome to contact us!

Call us: 215-844-1919

Write to us:  2901 Wood Pipe Lane, Unit A
                      Philadelphia, PA19129

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