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What I saw on Clinton Road and Other Strange New Jersey Sightings

Supernatural Lore--Pennsylvania

12 Creepy Stories and Urban Legends form Delaware
These three award-winning presentations have garnered more publicity and excitement than other shows that we have done. Each show is specifically tailored to the staye in which you live and spotlights the eerie, the ghostly, and the haunted legends peculiar to each state.  Choose one or all three!

As an adjunct to our popular antiques classes, this presentation looks at why the notion of retrieving a bit of the past by owning a material piece of it appeals to us. Precisely what is it about these objects that creates this attraction? What common characteristics do they share and why and how do they affect us as they do?

10 Amazing Animals Awarded a Medal for Bravery
The animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, the bronze Medallion acknowledges extraordinary valor and has worldwide recognition as the highest honor that can be given to any animal in military conflict. Exceptional acts of bravery performed on the civil front by police dogs, horses, and guide dogs can also earn the elite medal bearing the words "We Also Serve."

Princess Diana: A Royal Legacy
From Kindergarten teacher to princess, this presentation takes a look at her life, her scandals and the legacy she left behind.

10 Unforgettable Stories that History Forgot
By far and away, our most popular program. This program looks at 10 important stories that you didn't hear in History class and asks what stories will we tell our children ten years from now? Fifty years from now? Who is telling us what is an important story?

History of Antiques
This is a small sampling of our featured presentations.
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