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Beyond Bingo:  Entertainment Ideas for Groups and Associations

Event Organizers in many small groups and associations are always on the lookout for fresh, new, and engaging activities to keep their patrons/audiences entertained and engaged.  Entertained and engaged audiences support the organization with their dollars thereby ensuring the organization's future.  New forms of entertainment geared to the 55+ crowd are becoming more commonplace every day. This article explores these opportunities for entertaining audiences for event organizers in small associations and groups

Entertaining for the Future: New Ideas from the Past for Baby Boomer Retirees

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One of the major job of an Activities Director  in a vibrant retirement community is to book interesting, engaging, diverse talent that will educate, entertain, and engage residents at all cognitive levels. History presentations that are both educational and entertaining may capture the curiosity of some of your less engaged residents as well as bring a new dimension of entertainment to your more active ones. This paper explores the advantages of history presentations as a tool for engagement by activities directors

Free Entertainment Ideas for YOUR Organization

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