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John's Antiques Classes

How to Determine the Age and Value of your Antiques
This Unique Lesson from our beloved Antiques expert, John Thompson, Jr. gives you some important guidelines and things to think about in today's antiques marketplace. John takes you on a virtual tour  through period rooms, flea markets, and estate sales and teaches you how to determine the age of your antiques and how to set a value for them if you are interested n selling. This is a unique opportunity for an expert to share his secrets with you.

Seven Ways to Sell Your Antiques
In this lesson Antiques expert John Thompson looks at today's antiques market in light of COVID-19 and explains how to value your treasured items in today's market. John will then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the seven ways that you can sell your antiques as well as how to get the best value for them

Know Before You Enroll!!

Both of these classes  are 90 minutes long.

These are not appraisal events
Please Note that you may not book directly from this page.  You must speak to someone at Victorian Vanities to establish availability
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