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All of our games have been written by RED HERRING GAMES and adapted to fit the needs of our audiences
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This show INCLUDES costumes, and props.  You are EXPECTED to recruit and train a cast of four men and three women. An additional three women (or men) MAY be recruited to act as docents during the event but this is not necessary to the success of the event.  While we provide costumes, actors are encouraged to provide their own costumes, and we will accessorize as needed. Staff and guests may show up in their own costumes. The venue needs to have six spaces or rooms where this will be produced and an on-site visit is required beforehand.  The venue needs to provide prizes, if they are going to be awarded and a centerpiece for the dining room table.
There are step-by step instructions  that explain how this game  works. You may download it HERE. We recommend reading these instructions if you are considering this program.  This FAQ will become part of your performance contract.
Murder at Great Spatsby
The year is 1931. America is gripped by the Depression and Prohibition is still in full swing.  Life is hard for many, but not for all.

Here, at Great Spatsby Manor, one could be forgiven for thinking the Great Depression was already over.
Ben Carrie-Deway, one of the nouveau riche, and owner of Great Spatsby, is well known for hosting
lavish soirées, and tonight was no exception. With exquisite food and lavish surroundings the evening was
passing pleasantly and uneventfully, at least it
was until he was discovered dead in his study.

Now all the guests are suspects and it’s up to you to solve the crime!
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