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Real Old Time Photographs Guaranteed to Give You Nightmares
Some of what passed for everday life 75 to 100 years ago would send you running and screaming in the other direction today.  And when those scenes are captured on grainy old school film, you get the stuff of nightmares.
Murder in the Distillery
Our first murder Mystery Whodunit! (Does not include costumes, props or prizes.) Limited to 40 people.
10 Extremely Awesome Presidents
Some presidents start with nothing and claw their way to the top.  One even pitted the Allied forces against Hitler and won.  Find out which presidents were awesome to the extreme. (not a political program)
10 Most Important Vice-Presidents of the United States
Which vice-presidents were most influential in the evolution of the office?  You'll be surprised at who is No. 1!  (not a political program)
Seven Most Impressive Examples of Animal Architecture
We have a pretty good idea about what sets humas apart from animals.  After all, we built the Pyramids. But animals have been cranking out architectural marvels since humanity was still trying trying to figure out the wheel.
Castles of the Empire State/ More Castles of the Empire State

Some of the most beautiful castles of New York State, many accessible in only a few hours!

Take both shows at the regular price and SAVE!
10 Unexpected Scientific Reasons that Mature People are Awesome!
Science proves exactly how amazing older people are!
10 Surprising Discoveries about Ancient Health Care
Modern archeologists are discovering surprising things about antiquated health care.
5 Crazy People who Were Right All Along
Paranoia can destroy your life.  Every once in awhile, though, a paranoid suspicion is just a truth that sounds too crazy to be real, until it is!
10 Greatest Dancers of the 20th Century
The art of dance is a unique form of expression, employing a universal body language that everyone understands. This presentation showcases ten of the greatest dancers of the twentieth century--selected for their fame, popularity, and influence around the globe. (There are no live dancers in this presentation)
6 Bizarre Ways Architecture is designed to Ward off Ghosts
You can design a building more awesome that the Guggenheim and nobody will want to go into it if there are evil spirits just running through it willy-nilly.  With that in mind, here's how people in different parts of the world build guaranteed demon-free housing.
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African-American Inventors
Most popular program of 2015! These inventors have changed, and ARE changing the world!