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These Seven Black Composers Made Classical Music History
Black musicians have been making their mark on classical music for centuries, even if they haven't always been accorded the spotlight they deserve.
10 Conspiracy Theories that Helped Shape American History
There is something about human nature that just loves a good conspiracy theory.  We can't help being drawn into secrets and hearsay. Sometimes, though, conspiracy theories carry so much influence that they shape history. The history of the United States is riddle with conspiracies, from the founding of the country to the Civil Rights movement and beyond.
Are these the Ten Most Revolutionary Women in Music?
A Suggestion, Maybe. An argument? Absolutely!  These women have had a profound effect on the history of music--even if, in the case of the top two on this list, it's taken musicologists hundreds of years to realize it.
How 2 Sisters and One Murder Inspired 500 Songs
One of the strangest love and murder ditties in existence, this tale of two sisters and their musical bone harvesting has crossed borders, oceans, and cultures, with more than 531 versions of hte ballad currently logged in countries aklll aound the world.  How did such a macabre song originate? And how did it become so wildly popular?
The Devil in Me
Learn about the most complex serial killers of the 20th century, their connection to a certain local university, and whose remains are currently being exhumed. Maybe the scariest serial killer of our day was never put in his grave!
Poetry from Haiku to Sonnet
Poems from three lines to fourteen
Is that what limerick really means?
Learn the forms and write your own;
Funny or serious, you set the tone.
Top 10 Compositions of the 20th Century
The 20th Century heralded a new world, one with more defined nations, laws and statutes. It saw the invention of a great many things, which have made life significantly easier for most of us.  It is, however, common opinion that musical tradition has ceased to be creative--that we have stopped creating and just embraced the works of old. This list aims to disprove this and extol the many relatively unknown works composed after 1900.
Abandoned Atlantic City Sites that Inspired the Monopoly Board
Boardwalk. St. Charles Place. Atlantic Avenue. If you grew up playing Monopoly, you'll be familiar with these place names.  While they may sound like they're from a generic US city, dreamt up by the game's inventor, they exist in real life--in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  But they are no longer what they once were.
This list focuses on some of the best-loved scenes in musical theater history, and covers roughly sixty-six years. Needless to say, it's difficult to compound six decades into one hour, but one tries.
Ten Great Scenes in Musical History
Coming September 2017!

Total Eclipse of the Sun
Follow us to Louisville and Nashville as we follow the Eclipse!  A full solar eclipse will not be seen in this country again until 2024!
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