Teaching for the Future through the Past
We are Victorian Vanities and we can help.
Since 2012, we have been assisting librarians, activities directors and programming managers make a difference in peoples' lives by providing educational, entertaining presentations about all aspects of American History and how it relates to our lives today.
You made everyone feel at home and enjoy themselves with the information you shared.  Thank you for doing this for our library community. --Pat Collins, Greenwich Branch Library, Gibbstown, NJ
We are very lucky for the education you provide.  Great work. You make education fun.  Thanks for sharing  and keep up the good work.
--Amy Schneider, Brandywine Senior Living, Howell NJ
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy going to the Antique Appraisals.  I've been to three different events, all at the Parkland Library, in South Whitehall, Allentown.  I hope you are able to return again!
--Attendee, Parkland Library, Allentown, PA
Attendees and Planners agree, "Victorian Vanities is the best resource we have for educating and entertaining our audiences!"
Has a situation like this happened to you?
Church Groups
Service Organizations
Social and Recreational Clubs
You are a librarian that programs themed events for your Library.  You're looking to engage a professional who knows what the theme is and how to best present something new to drive audiences to your library.
You are a Programming Director in a Senior Center who is looking for something new to engage your members.
Do you plan Events at these Organizations?
Retirement Communities
Senior Centers
Historical Societies
You are an Activities Director in an Independent or Assisted Living Community  who needs to find  creative, new ways to educate and engage your residents.
You are the event planner for your local Church Group, Lodge, or Service Organization.  It's the end of the year and you've already had a singer, dancer, juggler, a casino night, a potluck, and maybe bingo. You're running out of ideas.
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