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All of our games have been written by RED HERRING GAMES and adapted to fit the needs of our audiences
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Please note that you may not book directly from this page.  You must speak to someone at Victorian Vanities to establish availability.
This show INCLUDES costumes, props, and prizes.  Everyone who attends  is expected to participate.  While we do not recommend audiences for this show, we HAVE worked out a system whereby the audience can participate provided there are enough actors to make this show work.   It is designed to be run as a cocktail party, or over dinner.  Therefore, people are expected to be able to move around the venue freely as if they were at a party.
There are guidelines for this game that explain how it works. You may download it HERE. We recommend reading the FAQ if you are considering this program.  This FAQ will become part of your performance contract.
After many years of exemplary service R, (the head of FLAIL) is retiring. And what a bash it is! Friends, colleagues, and even criminal masterminds have put in an appearance. In fact, it would be safe to say that everyone who is anyone is there to see she gets a good send off.

Well, everyone that is except Roger Damsels, 006 ¾, FLAIL's top secret agent.  When a search is undertaken for the celebrated spy, he is discovered dead in his room, leaving R with one last crime to solve before she can retire.
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