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Booking Information
This FAQ answers the most frequently asked questions that come up during the booking process. If you are interested in a presentation, please fill out the Booking Request form below.
How much does a presentation cost?
The cost will vary according to whether your group is a non-profit or profit making entity, the number of presentations desired, and whether your presentation includes John's Antiques Classes.  As a general rule, prices range from $135 tro $300. An exact price will be given by e-mail and/or telephone once you've indicated the number of programs you are considering. There  may be discounts available for multiple shows and/or affiliated communities.
When is Victorian Vanities available?
We perform full-time and are available just about any day of the year that's not already reserved. We really HATE to work on weekends and holidays and we charge double for that. Please call for Rates and Availability.
How much advance notice is needed to set up a booking?
Bookings have been arranged as quickly as one day ahead of time, and as far out as two years or more. It's important that some time be set aside so that we can test the audio-visual equipment before the date of the performance.  There is no set rule here.
What equipment will I need to provide?
That depends on the method that you are using to present this program:

If the presentation is being made to a group of people who are assembled in one room, then yoyu will need a computer(laptop, desktop), microphone, webcamera, and projection screen.
If the presentation is being made to a group of people who are at different locations, then each person will need a computer (laptop/desktop), webcamera and microphone. It is assumed that each person has a display screen built into their computer.
What Meeting Platform do I use?
While Victorian Vanities prefers to use Zoom as we find it presents us with the fewest problems, we will be more than happy to work with you to present our programs on any platform that your organization wishes to use. Please let us know in advance if there is  a problem brewing on this score.
How far in Advance of the presentation will the Practice Session Be?
We require a practice session no more than one week before a presentation. This is to make sure that you can hear and see us and that we can hear and see you. We expect this session to be very short unless there is a problem with either sound or video. It gives us both a chance to make sure the presentation will go smoothly for all of us.
Other Questions?
Just ask! We can be reached directly by e-mail ( or by telephone: 215-844-1919
Please Note that you may not book directly from this page.  You must
speak to someone at Victorian Vanities to establish availability