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Featured Presentations
10 Unforgettable Stories that History Forgot
Our signature program brought back by popular demand, this very popular program asks the question what are the stories that we will be telling our children fifty years from now? one hundred years? Where do these stories come from  and who determines what will be remembered?
Princess Diana--A Royal Legacy
From kindergarten teacher to princess, this presentation takes a look a there life, her scandals, and the legacy she left behind
31 Amazing Women who Deserve to be More Famous than they are
There's only so much room in the history books for heroes, and some of those books have a habit of leaving out the contributions of women. We take a quick look at some of these accomplished, amazing women who should be way more well-known that they are right now.
10 Extremely Awesome Presidents
Some presidents start with nothing and claw their way to the top.  Find out which presidents were awesome to the extreme. (not a political program)
What I saw on Clinton Road and other Strange New Jersey Sightings
New Jersey has a lot of things going for it, from beautiful beaches, wild casinos, thriving farms, and of course, the Sopranos. What you may not know is the New Jersey also has an abundance of spine-chilling stories. From the Devil's Tree to rabid rabbits, an evil hangs over all corners of New Jersey. Ghosts and nefarious spirits haunt cities, contributing to the state's rank as one of the worst places to live in the US. This presentation will spotlight eerie tales and urban myths from New Jersey.

There is also a presentation specific to Pennsylvania and a presentation specific to Delaware.
The Art of Minimalism
What is minimalism? Why is it important? Where did this come from?  This presentation looks at the minimalism movement and the artists who were important to the movement and also looks forward to the evolution of minimalism in to what we have today.
This is a small sampling of our featured presentations.
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